our services fit each job


Working with purpose

The way we do it depends on what we see when we get there.

There are many variables that dictate the types of methods and corresponding services GRS will perform.

Many times, pressure washing is a great start. When pressure washing isn't enough, we use a variety of environmentally-safe cleaning agents to remove graffiti. Whether it's plastic, metal, brick, wood, stone, concrete and other building materials, we have a safe product to use.

Another method is color matching. While onsite, we'll expertly match an existing color and paint a surface edge-to-edge to clean up unsightly markings.

Each incident of graffiti is unique and we are armed with effective removal tools and extensive knowledge to achieve superior results for your job.

Our goal at GRS is to improve the physical image of every neighborhood and business by responding to reports of graffiti within 24-48 business hours.  Our “Report Graffiti” form makes it convenient for you to report graffiti anytime, day or night.

Graffiti is destructive and a terrible nuisance. GRS is here to help control the issue and beautify the neighborhood.


“GRS stays on top of the graffiti problem for our properties.
We really appreciate them.”

K. Sampson  |  Wiggins property mgmt